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The Summoned Mage Goes To Another World CHAPTER LIST
  • The Summoned Mage Goes To Another World

    Alternative : Shoukan sareta Kenja wa Isekai wo Yuku - Saikyou nano wa Fuyou Zaiko no Item deshita ; Shōkan sa Reta Kenja wa Isekai o Iku ~ Saikyōna no wa Fuyō Zaiko no Item deshita ~ ; Wise man is summoned to another world ~The strongest items were those less desired in inventory~ ; 召喚された賢者は異世界を往く ~最強なのは不要在庫のアイテムでした~ ; 被召唤的贤者闯荡异世界 ; 被召喚的賢者闖蕩異世界 ; 소환된 현자는 이세계를 누빈다 ~최강인 것은 필요없는 재고 아이템이었습니다~
  • Author(s) : Yashu Kobayashi Ko
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May 31, 06:00
  • TransGroup :
  • view : 40.600.000
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen, Supernatural, Isekai
  • 4.5

The Summoned Mage Goes To Another World:

Touya, the strongest player in the game Pandemic World Online, has won so many items that he decided to create an alternative account to store them, while playing he was summoned to another world, but not having the category of hero is discarded and replaced by another person, now he will have to survive only in that world and with the character he created to store those items.
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